Sunday, December 1, 2013

Spectacular Sunday

I don't know what you all do on Sunday, but you could comment and tell me. I used to go indoor rock wall climbing at Adventure Rock one Sunday a month. That was always fun. Then I got this gigantic belly (darn babies) and stopped doing that. Now taking an infant to an indoor rock wall climbing facility with falling people might not be the best idea.

 I also used to go to the movies a lot and out to dinner. Also not very infant friendly when he decides five minutes into a movie that he'd like to spend the next hour crying :).

So I've been experimenting with my Sundays. Some of my Sunday experiments have been things like making brownies and cakes. Let me tell you, I am AWESOME at eating those brownies. Maybe a lil bit too awesome at devouring brownies. And I have learned that I LOVE spice cake and don't much care for orange cake.

Having a teenager and an infant has been a little difficult in finding things that both can be at without either being bored or in a potentially unsafe environment. She'd love to paintball with me I'm sure but I'm sure paintballing with an infant strapped on my back isn't a good idea. Though it sounds fun. He needs to learn to paintball someday anyway, right? Four months old shouldn't be too young for that...

 So Sunday experiments have all been basically at home. I've been contemplating fort making with my daughter but I'm pretty sure as a teenager she will be like, "Mom, I'm fifteen. You want me to do what? Build a fort?". And then she'll probably ask me if I'm insane.

I'd really like to get out a bit more. Museums around my home are not very exciting and the nearest ones are a bit of a drive.

What do you do to occupy your family on weekends? I need some creative things preferably active that we can do mainly indoors since it's darn cold around these parts this time of year :).

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