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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Holy Wall Of Text!

Seriously every post of mine is a HUGE WALL OF TEXT!!!

I put in spaces. I put in paragraphs. My punctuation is beautiful and I throw in lots of extra exclamation points.

Then I hit the publish button...

And then I close the page and move on with my life...

Next I actually LOOK at my blog and I'm like...


And think out loud (yes I think out loud sometimes) "What the heck happened!!!!". And yes, I think the exclamation points too. I like exclamation points.

So maybe this post is completely useless but I had to share that I, in fact, do use paragraphs and punctuation.

I hope you like the many ellipsis' <--- not sure what the plural form of that word is so just go with it guys, moving on---> that I've placed in this post. I like them too :).

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