Monday, December 16, 2013

Getting Tough :)

And for the whole reason I'm blogging, getting tough ;).

Tough Mudder training starts in just a couple weeks.

 And I've been doing those pull ups, okay more so I've been doing the descending part of the pull ups. And OMG! My ARMS!!! And my SHOULDERS!!! The agony!!!! 

I'm feeling much less sore today than day 2-4. Today I missed doing the pullups so I did inverted rows under the counter at work. And I switched it up to 5 sets of 4 since the inverted rows are much easier than the eccentric part of the pull ups.

Also to prepare for Raw in January and no soda, I've moved up to two glasses of water this week for each soda. So far so good. I'm getting pretty excited for January! Anticipation :). Yay!!!

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