Sunday, December 8, 2013

Soda Addiction

Along with being all raw for January other than some taco sauce on my salad (sorry, it's processed, I'm just not going to make my own), I have one other thing that is very processed that I must give up.


Yes, Soda. I drink A LOT of soda every day. I don't particularly want withdraw headaches. So, along with this Monday starting my own mini pull-up challenge I have on other thing I must do. For every soda I drink this week I will also have one glass of water.

The following week will be two glasses of water for each soda.

And the final week will be three glasses of water for each soda.

Doing it this way hopefully will help me stay more hydrated to make the withdrawal from soda much less uncomfortable. As it is, switching to raw will cause me some issues. All the processed toxins leave the body and yes, we are addicted to many of those too. I'll have my own processed food withdrawal so I'd much rather not double up and also have caffeine withdrawal at the same time.

Though I know soda is bad for me in general, it has been much harder for me to quit than when I quit smoking. One day I decided to stop smoking after being a smoker for about 5 years, so really not very long. I was in my early 20's. I just stopped then and there. Put it down after one drag and never finished it or the pack I had.

I had it easy. I know many people struggle like crazy to get away from smoking. And I'm having that same struggle repeated year after year with caffeine. Ridiculous I know, but true. I'd really like to be able to give up soda and then if I have one out to dinner sometime this year not go back to it like I do now.

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