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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Oh Happy Day!

Once a week I'm on call from 11 pm until 7am. I live to far from work so I stay with my mom when I'm on call.
She works third shift so shes awake all night :). So we sit up late and watch true crime TV dramas.
Extra bonus, I get to hang out with my very awesome mom. She really is pretty darn awesome.
When I was younger and used to go out, I often brought Mom out with me. My friends would even ask, "is Mom coming tonight?".
Yes, my friends called her mom too :). I loved when she came along. Neither of us are drinkers, we just love to dance.
And dance we would... All Night Long!!!
But I'm getting old now. We don't go out and dance like we used to. Those times going out worth mom were some of the best nights of my young years. She often more fun than all my friends combined.
I'm very glad I get to have such a good relationship with my mom and that I have many more years with her.
Mom, I know you won't ever see this because you don't use the internet, but I want to say..
I LOVE YOU MOM!!! And you're awesome :).

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