Monday, December 23, 2013

Why Do Guys Wax

Pretty soon you're going to see a lot of workout challenges online. And lots of guys will join these challenges.

You'll see the before pic. Let me describe to you this before pic...

You will see a mildly to moderately overweight guy.
He will likely have mildly pasty skin and maybe a bit of a shiny face.
AND this guy will have chest hair. Maybe not a lot, maybe just a little bit. Or maybe it will be a lot and he'll look like a gorilla just escaped from the zoo.

Now in a few more short weeks you'll see the end picture.

Let me describe to you this picture.

His hair will be nicely done.
His abs will look much better if not amazing.
He will be more tan, either from fake baking or spray tanning. And possible but less likely, from being outdoors. Around where I'm from, the only thing being outdoors with a shirt off will get you is frostbite.
Lastly, the chest hair will be gone. Completely gone.

And that's what I don't get. The waxing or shaving it all the way off. Why? He's a man for cripes sake. Lots of very attractive men have chest hair.

Yes, I get that if it's gorrilla like chest hair, trim that stuff up, but to wax it completely? That's where I get lost. Most men have a beard trimmer on their electric shavers. Use that, just trim that stuff down. Thin it up a bit. Obviously because the before pic shows hair, it's not something he was concerned about before. So why does sudden weight loss lead to all of this waxing (and fake tanning)??

Anyone have the answer for me?

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