Wednesday, December 4, 2013

T minus 4 weeks

Till training time!

Then the countdown to the Tough Mudder begins.

Well, as I've said in a prior post, my January is a raw vegan 8/1/1 style diet.

But did I mention my training? I do have a plan. 3 days a week of weight training consisting of only two joint exercises. Which means I'm not wasting time on bicep curls (sorry to you guys who worship the bicep curl). I find that I get much better muscle building and functional strength from doing pull ups instead of bicep curls. and pull ups DO work your biceps. And shoulders, and forearms, and even grip strength.

Pull ups actually wont be in my weight lifting routine though since technically I don't lift weights with that. But I will be doing press/pull exercises for the upper and lower body. The pull ups are more of a random incorporation. I have a pull up bar that pops into a doorway. I don't have a door going from my bedroom to a small hallway to the attached bathroom.

Don't worry, my bathroom has a door. Otherwise it would make living with a man sharing my bathroom just about impossible...

Anyway, I digress, the pull up bar is to be used every time I pass by it. How many times a day do I use my bathroom? A LOT. Before work multiple times... bathroom, brushing my teeth, to shower, to go back and brush my hair, to go back because I'm so sleep deprived I forgot deodorant :). Yes, I have to go back lots for that. And to check to make sure I didn't put lipstick on for eyeshadow and vice versa.

I can already to one full pull up and most of the time two full pull ups. Just as of right now it's not very consistent that I do this. I'm starting now to get more into the habit so that by January it wont seem like I'm adding everything at once.

Also for cardio I plan three days of that as well. This month will be 10-20 minute sessions of bike riding (indoors), pole dancing, and kickboxing with my awesome heavy bag. Yes, I have a heavy bag. And it's all mine. Though my boyfriend does sometimes put on my super sexy pink boxing gloves and hit the bag a bit too. He does look awesome in pink ;).

And yeah, I said pole dancing and no I'm not an exotic dancer. It's for fitness people!! Seriously, the way some of you think just surprises me. Okay, no it doesn't :).

I hope you all love the smileys today. I maybe used a few of them here n there.

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