Tuesday, December 17, 2013


So that pull up challenge...

I've been doing pretty well. I'm doing the 20 pull up challenge. And really just focusing on the eccentric part of the pull up :).

But yesterday I forgot to do them and did inverted rows under the counter at work. Yes, I got on the floor- under the counter- and did inverted rows.

I'm glad no one walked in on me doing that... I might have been given some strange looks O_O! And today, oh my, the soreness!!!!

I had some DOMS (Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness) after the first couple days and now doing the rows my shoulders are just in agony :). But it's a good kind of agony ;). If that's possible??

And despite popular belief, NOTHING, ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!!!! makes it better :(. Despite knowing that massaging my shoulders for hours will really do no good, I'm doing it anyway :). Why not right?

Also, of course I'm very hydrated so anything in the muscle tissue should have been flushed out of my system.

Okay, maybe something makes it better... I think that a light workout helps, but that in no way is proven to help. So I'm going to do some counter push ups to keep things really mild for tonight.

Then tomorrow is another day of pull ups! YAY!!!

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