Monday, December 2, 2013

Magical Mondays

Ok, maybe Monday isn't so Magical. Work week starts all over again. The joys of balancing work/family/and housework starts all over again.

It's always great fun to drive to work on Monday. I'm sure you all feel the same way. I do my weekly home blessing most Mondays (if you're a flybaby you know what I mean). And of course washing like ten gazillion bottles.

I'm pretty sure I could spend all day washing bottles. I'm sure that's not really true and it only takes a few minutes but over and over and over again I'm washing bottles. Lil guy thinks its great fun for me to wash bottles though. He sits in his high chair and laughs at me while I clean them.

Anyone watch Walking Dead? Why do I have to wait till February!!!!! I think I might die before then just because of the agony of anticipation!!! And seriously the commercials? How many commercials do we need. Lay off the commercials!!!! So, yeah, that might be a lot of exclamation points in the above. Deal ;).

What else... My hip and back hurt a lot today so I'm going to zap myself when I get home. It's this awesome little device called a TENS unit. You put it on and being the zapping. If I could marry the darn thing, I would. It's the most amazing thing ever. And it's really fun to put on other areas (like your forearm) and watch your fingers twitch all on their own. I might sleep with that thing tonight.

So, even though I have to start my work week today, it's still a great day :).

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