Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Heading into 2014

Tomorrow is the start of yet another New Year.

People are scrambling to make lists and goals and resolutions for the upcoming year. Maybe as they think of those things, they think of what they would have liked to do this past year.

Much of what I would like to do this upcoming year is fitness related since I was pregnant last year. I could have done more being pregnant, but I didn't. This year is my year to get my body back since there will be no more babies.

Once upon a time I had six pack abs. I might never have that again, but this year, I'd like to give it a try. Though I would love to get myself back into top shape and amazing health, I don't want to miss time with my family. Over the years I have missed way to much time with my friends and family because of schooling and work.

This year is the first year I will have only one W2. That was a goal of mine for the past couple years, to only have one job and stop wasting my life away working. To have time for my friends and family and to be able to accept invitations more often rather than saying "sorry, I have to work".

I'm glad I was able to spend more time with family last year and I hope this year I will be able to see my friends more often too. For too long, I let many of those relationships slide and this past year I've tried to improve my relationships with my family. Now it's time to make sure my friends know that I miss them and care.

When my daughter was little, I worked 40 hrs at one job and another 10-20 at another job. Then when I got my first associate degree, I did full time school and worked weekends. Every weekend. Until about a year and a half ago, I probably had fewer than 4 weekends a year off in over 15 years. When I graduated from college the first time, I worked at least two, sometimes three jobs. Then I returned to full time school for my second associate degree while still trying to work full time. And still working a side job on weekends...

My family and time for myself and being able to have a life of my own is more important to me. Not just because I'm older, but because I know how much I've missed out on.

Just want to say to all my family and all my friends, I love you guys and I hope we spend more time together this coming year :).

Happy New Year everyone!

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