Friday, December 27, 2013

Favorite Fears

There are lots of phobia's out there.

I think one of my favorites is trypophobia...

the fear of circles.

There are some people who really do have a fear of circles. Apparently this might have been a life saving fear for our ancestors living in the wild forests and jungles and such ages ago. Some venomous reptiles and snakes have circles on them. And there's also holes in the ground that could be a lair for some dangerous creature, or an underground cavern housing bats (think Cujo, poor fictional dog getting rabies 'n all that).

Sidenote: Cujo is not a book a second grader should read. I was afraid of my closet for ages after reading that book. And no, I wasn't allowed to read the book. My dad has a Stephen King collection. I was expressly forbidden to read anything on that shelf.

So what did I do? Yeah, I picked the one with the scary dog on the cover and read it. And I never told my dad why I was afraid of the dark all of a sudden in second grade either. But he did break down and get me a nightlight.

Anyway, back to the circles. There was a recent program on Science Friday, at least that's where I thought I heard it. But I can't find it in the audio archives. So here's a different link.

I have to admit, the picture of the hand with the holes, yes, it made me shudder just a bit. And looking thru their photo's, it's pretty much just the holes in skin AND OMG, DID YOU SEE THE EYE!!! I'm sure the eye is photoshopped but yeah, that's a bit gross to me too. Circles in nature, on buildings, and holes in the ground don't bother me at all.

There was also another awesome program about water going uphill on SciFri. But maybe that's for another day.

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