Thursday, December 19, 2013

Body Lift from Pacific Fitness Corp

Editing to add: Manuals, resistance charts, and tons of info can be found at my facebook group page here Body Lift. Thanks to a wonderful group of random internet strangers we have all the info on this machine!

Today’s piece of equipment is from a company that is long gone.

This machine is probably ancient. But, like anything ancient, it holds up well.

The Body Lift is a cable machine basically that uses multiples of body weight. If I got to 15 and could lift up myself, I’m sure I could add a plate to the base of the machine to increase total resistance. There is really no limit to the amount of resistance because weight can be added, but the weight added does not mean that there is an exact change of resistance to equal the weight. You might add 5 lbs but resistance might increase by 15 lbs. Or you might at 100 lbs and resistance might only increase by 20 lbs depending on what setting it’s on.

Unfortunately I got this machine very very used and no manual was included. I don't know what the numbers mean by percent of weight.

Exercises that you can do: Lat pulldowns, wide grip, narrow grip, underhand/overhand/mixed grip. Abdominal curls, seated rows, chest press with two different grips, horizontal or vertical, upright rows, abdominal twists, leg extension.

Above is really quite a narrow list. Anything you can do in a gym with a cable, you can do with this machine. There are three different cable stations, high, chest height, and low. All the grips can be changed, the lat pull down bar can be put on any three places, the row bar, same deal. Any type of bar or grip attachment can be used in any three areas.

Only negative- you don’t know the exact amount of resistance. Here’s the pics of this machine!


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