Saturday, November 30, 2013

Weekend Cleaning

Well, usually I stay on top of things better but this past year my house on a scale of one being unfit to live in and 10 being show-worthy has probably averaged at a 5, or maybe a 4. I was a flybaby. I did awesome for years. YEARS!!!!

Even in school working multiple jobs I managed to do okay-ish. There's nothing rotting anywhere and we have no bugs (well the occasionally earwig that gets inside and freaks my daughter out). But just a general state of disheveledness has entered the house. I never used to spend a weekend cleaning and I loved that anytime anyone came over my house was "clean". Well, it was probably about an 8. My daughter can tell you how I used to make her dry the sink every time she would wash her hands. I think she may have thought I was insane for a bit.

So it's time to get back on the flywagon. If you've got some improving you could do at home, check out FlyLady.

I've been making a few excuses to not keep on top of things like I could pull a muscle cleaning a closet, I could slip and hurt myself mopping, I might kill a fish if I try to clean their tank, and my all time favorite excuse is there was a good movie on TV and I needed to watch it and order a pizza :).

 I love pizza. Maybe I'll do that now, find a movie on netflix and order a pizza. The house can get clean another day, like when the kids move out :).

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