Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Trolls and Drama

I participate in some internet forums. And a couple facebook groups.

Why does everyone hate these trolls so much?

My life isn't very dramatic. I love my family and my job. I don't have any huge issues or concerns... so when these trolls roll into a forum, I'm thinking, "hells yes!!! Time for some drama and fun!!!".

There are many benefits of trolls on a forum. In no particular order...

1) You realize that someone must be more bored and imaginative than you to come up with that crap.

2) It saves you from your boredom and gives you something to do.

3) It's funny. Seriously, these trolls post such radical stories! How can you not laugh?

4) All your internet friends start PANing you with the backstory or requests for backstory which in turn creates more drama and more fire to the story and it becomes even more implausible :).

5) Everyone likes to gang up on the troll and then you start an internet mob. And internet mobs are ALWAYS fun.

6) It's really damn funny! Yes, this is also number three, it deserves a double mention.

7) If you're having a crappy day, it's nice to know that someone somewhere is willing to make up this insane story because their life sucks more than yours does.

8) And if you are the Troll, the drama takes you away from your IRL problems.

9) And being the Troll, you can laugh at all the rediculous responses to your improbable situation.

10) Lastly, it's damn funny! And yes I know, this is 3 and 6...

Update on pull ups- did today's still focusing on the down. My arms are a bit sore from Monday though. And the soda's I'm doing great with the one water and one soda.

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