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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas is Coming

The countdown to the end of the year is getting so close and I haven't yet even put up either of my Christmas trees!

I was going to do it the weekend after Thanksgiving. Then we had stuff going on. Then I worked some extra hours during this week so I have still yet to put them up.

In good news, I did bring the cushions for the outdoor furniture in the other day. They did get a little snowed on but I figured I couldn't wait till they were actually covered in feet of snow. Or maybe I could have, then I could be like, "Outdoor furniture? What outdoor furniture?". But I know you're not supposed to leave that stuff out all winter.

I love putting up my Christmas trees. I love it so much, I have two of them :). I don't remember which decorations I used last year. I'll have to stalk my own facebook page of last years Christmas party so I can figure it out and not use the same this year.

I also have stockings to do and games to plan. We play really fun games for Christmas.

My favorite is pin the nose on the snowman. Our snowman is SOOOO marked up from prior years that I need to make a new snowman. I can do that pretty quickly though.

Other games we play are things like "Snowball Carry" where you have two mixing bowls across the room from each other. One side is full of cotton balls, the other empty. Kids can use their hands to hold the spoon, but adults must not touch the spoon with their hands and carry the cotton balls across the room. Do NOT try this with raw eggs at Easter time, that would be messy.

Some years we do a snowball toss. It's kind of like a beanbag toss except we use those white foam balls from the craft section.

And we do holiday Bingo, Word Finding games, Trivia...

The things we do NOT do are things like Pictionary and Charades. If it's something a normal rational family would do, we probably don't do it :).

I get prizes for the games, too. I can't wait to set up this years games and search for new ideas! I love wrapping the prizes. Sometimes it's hard to find things that are appropriate for everyone though so prizes work sort of like White Elephant. You either pick a prize or steal. For the most part, doing it that way means everyone gets something more appropriate for them.

I'm also doing the dinner, but this mess is getting long enough. I'm trying something new this year rather than the typical roasts so I'm sure you'll all hear about that soon :).

Happy Thursday people :).

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