Monday, April 7, 2014

Laying the Carpet!!

So this weekend I did it. I DID IT ALL MYSELF!!!

Well, almost myself. Mr. Muddy had to help me take the couches out of the room. They were a bit to heavy for me to handle. But I did manage to roll the old carpet halfway, then drag the couches over the top of it and roll it up the rest of the way.

I am in pain from the base of my skull to the tips of my toes. YES, even my toes hurt!

Here's the progress...

Carpet rolled up and out of the way. Cleaned up the floor.

Most of the carpet down, just a small seam along the wall by the door on the right to go. 

And finished product! 

Sort of. The vents are going to get spray painted and then I'll put those back on and we need a strip go to between the door and the tile floor. The other doorway was an even transfer and doesn't need anything :). Also have to stain the bottom edge of the baseboard and shelves since the old carpet went up a little higher. Went from plush to berber in this room. I prefer berber for high traffic areas. 

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