Thursday, January 2, 2014

Living the Raw Life

At least for this month.

I was planning on banana's and a pomegranate for breakfast but was unable to locate a pomegranate. So bananas it was. And a couple pears for lunch. Followed by a big salad with pico for dinner. And as I've said I do "cheat" on my raw with a small amount of salad dressing or taco sauce as salad dressing. I left my taco sauce at home so had my salad with a bit of fat free ranch from the cafeteria. 

Yesterday was a huge HUGE headache. My first fully caffeine free day and it was punctuated by lots of advil. I couldn't just ride that one out yesterday. Today, only two Advil. Better day :). Mild headache only. Though I know by the end of day five I'll probably have flu-like symptoms as all the chemicals leave my body. 

I am not primarily doing this for weight loss, more for health, but even when I did the paleo diet for the month of January before I started doing raw instead, I'd lose about 10-15 lbs that first month. I am currently up 15.6 lbs from my "norm". and about 19.6 from my lowest weight. My lowest weight isn't my goal at all. I prefer my norm and maybe I'll head back to that sometime in the upcoming months. 

I was supposed to start my workout plan yesterday as well. The traumatic headache that bordered on a migraine (I used to get those frequently) killed me yesterday. I don't plan to "make up" the day. I will just continue onward. Sort of just jumping back in rather than trying to play catch up when I haven't even started yet. 

Tonights workout for when I get home and after I get groceries is to ride my bike for 20 minutes. 

Tomorrow's meal plan... 

Breakfast- Oranges about 4 or 5. Maybe more
Lunch- Cantaloupe. The WHOLE cantaloupe. Maybe half in one sitting and the other half later. 
Diner- Huge salad with veggies on it. 
Before bed- Some more oranges and a banana or leftover melon.
Snack food- Carrots and nuts.

Planned caloric intake for tomorrow is about 1200. 

Today, day two, I'm not feeling particularly well, probably due to lack of caffeine. But I've been within my goal so far. I still have one more meal left after I get home from work. I'm at about 680 calories now and I'll have at least half a melon when I get home, so another 250-300 calories. A little low for my goal, but really feeling crappy. Hard to eat when I just want to shove an ice pick through my head... Currently I'm at 78% carbs, 11% protein and fats.

After the first couple days it becomes much easier to eat large quantities of fruit and the calories I'll be eating then are about 1500 or more. 

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