Monday, March 10, 2014

It's Above Freezing!!

So, what did I do?

I went for a walk.

But before I went for a walk, I had to get ready to go for a walk. Simple right? Hahahahaha.

Step One: Feed baby so baby doesn't scream the entire walk.

Step Two: Change baby so baby doesn't leak urine on me while we walk.

Step Three: Bundle baby. Yes, bundle the baby that will not sit still because he thinks it's great fun to try to get away when getting is snowsuit on.

Step Four: Attach baby carrier to self. That's easy enough. All these straps, just make sure you connect the straps to the right ends of one another or it's just a tangled mess.

... 10 min later after untangling self and getting straps right...

Step Five: Get wiggly baby into said carrier.

Step Six: Get the dogs leash and loop it around waist (that you can't see because there is a baby in a carrier attached to you).

Step Seven: Yell "WALK" loudly so dog comes running.

Step Eight: Get very hyper dog to sit long enough to attach his leash to his collar.

Step Nine: Get your own jacket on and gloves and hat.

Step Ten: Get out of the house before you realize how badly you need to pee and have to repeat steps 3-9 :).

So Muddoggy was very excited for our walk. It's the first time we've been out walking this year. We have trained him to run up and down the steps so he's not completely without exercise and the back yard is fenced so he runs free out there. But it's still icy outside and getting him to remain calm enough to not tip me and baby over was interesting. Thankfully I've always leashed him to my waist so I always have two hands free to handle him.

Mudbaby really didn't care about the walk. He was in his carrier attached to me and was having a really hard time trying to nap through the walk. He gave it a good try here and there. He'd put his head down on my chest, then Muddog would pull us off one direction or another and Mudbaby would look around like "why am I not crashed out on the floor like it's the drunken night after my 21st birthday?"

As soon as we got home in one piece I spent probably another 10 minutes disentangling myself from the dog and the baby. Muddog excitedly ran outside with extra energy from being so excited that we went for a walk. I put Mudbaby on the floor so I could use the bathroom that I realized I needed to use right after I had everything attached to myself. Once I get out of there, let the dog in, and head back in by baby... yep... crashed out on the floor like a drunken college kid who couldn't make it to the couch.

Now where's my nap?

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