Monday, March 24, 2014


Tabata is only FOUR minutes. 4. 

Go all out for 20 seconds, rest for 10. 
Repeat 8 times. Total is only four minutes. 

And OMG is it four minutes of torture! And fun :). 

I downloaded a tabata timer for my phone. I do all sorts of stuff. I have a stepper and sometimes I'll do that during the "work" part. Or I'll do burpee's like I did today. Jumping jacks, mountain climbers, or jumping rope are all good things. Really though, you can do anything that gets your heart going for tabata drills. 

I also use tabata drills for speed training when I run. Keeps it a bit more interesting than just plain old running. 

It's still frozen tundra around here as my aunt called it when I volunteered to have her visit me :). Soon though, it will warm up. And then I can finally run outside again. 

And the kettlebell, yes, my favorite toy. I'm back to the weights again. Two days of kettlebell and back to the weights. 

So, what does my routine look like? 
I do about an hour four days a week.
40 minutes alternating weights/strength training and cardio. I alternate supersets of weights with a tabata drill. or I do intervals. First half 1 min of weights, 2 min cardio and second half 1 min cardio and 2 min weights with pulses and a lighter weight. The last 20 min is cardio of some sort. Most often I ride my bike. But I also have a heavy bag for boxing and I do that too. Or a pole for pole dancing. Or a workout video. 

Today I did weights and tabata and then a TaeBo video to top it off :). 

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