Wednesday, March 19, 2014

I've Realized I'm Bored Already

With lifting my dumbells.

I got sick, then had a work meeting so I haven't lifted my weights in a week. Yes a whole week, not really that long, but I don't feel like doing it tomorrow. Which means it's time to suddenly and urgently change what I was planning for the rest of this month or I just won't do it.

So, instead of a program of dumbbells that included squats, lunges, push ups, rows, tricep, shoulder presses, ect I'm quitting.


Shameless plug for me starting the kettlebell tomorrow instead :).

I've read/bought a couple of his books. This is the better of them. Don't bother with Naked Warrior. Basically it's just... do pushups and pullups and yay, you're done. Power to the people isn't bad, but it's basically do clean and presses from the floor to all the way up.

And really the kettlebell book is swings and get-ups. But what I LOVE about the kettlebell book is that it shows pictures of how to do the swings, clean'n'press, and snatches. I used to get lots of "kettlebell kisses" until reading this book.



Kettlebell tomorrow :).

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