Monday, March 17, 2014

Fun Weekend

Of puking everywhere.

Mudbaby was sick Wednesday night. Threw up on me three times!!! THREE!!! And then I slept on the couch with him in his rocker all night. He joined me on the couch around 8 am and the little turd actually stole the couch from me! Yes, that's right. A nearly 8 month old kept taking up so much space (starfishing as one blogmom calls it), that I had to remove myself from the couch and sleep on the floor next to it so that way at least if he fell off, he'd fall on me rather than the floor.

Then he woke up for good at 10 and puked on me again! AGAIN!!!

He was fine at grandma's Thursday while I worked. Just a bit lethargic.

Then Friday I'm in the middle of doing my job with a patient present and have to leave the room to go throw up :(. Very ick. I manage to go back in and complete what I have to and get the patient the hell out of here. It was very sudden. at 5pm I felt generally ok. At 545 I felt like death.

The rest of my night was spent in bed or in the bathroom or running between the two. I should have grabbed a bucket. I ignored my phone all day Saturday.

Sunday morning I turn my phone back on. My niece (that grandma watches on Thursday along with Mudbaby) was throwing up Friday. And Saturday so was her sister... and my mom. And Muddad, too, at our house was visiting the porcelain god. By Sunday my stepdad who was just discharged from the hospital a week and a half ago was also kneeling at the throne.

Mudbaby, if you were trying to share, you did good.

I managed to disinfect everything today since the hot flashes are also gone. House is clean and all sickbed bedding is clean and happy.

I missed some workouts because I could barely stand, but that's okay. I've got a good one for tomorrow. Time to get this lady back in mud running shape :).

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