Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Unsuccessful Attempts to Remember Recent Conversation

So my daughter and I have interesting conversations in the mornings when I bring her to school. We talk about all sorts of stuff from the really deep and thoughtful to the extremely mundane.

Regardless of what we talk about there is usually at least one unsuccessful attempt to recall what it was we were just talking about.

Case in point...

I stopped at MudTeen's dad's house. We drove three blocks talking about something. After three blocks we were laughing and I turn to her and said, what were we just talking about? She, thinking I'm joking laughs at me. Then realizes I really have no idea what we just spent three block talking about and NEITHER DOES SHE!!! So, then we're hysterically laughing. And trying to remember what we were talking about.

We continue our conversation. We remember we were talking about Muddog early on during the first half of block one. And prior to getting to her dad's we were talking about this blog. But that three blocks? Completely lost. No idea and absolutely no recollection for either of us.

And this happens ALL THE TIME!

Seriously, neither of us suffer from short term memory disorders but yet we have a terrible time recalling conversation in the early morning drive to her school.

So it's been a couple weeks since this incident and we still don't know what we were talking about.

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