Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Going to the Eye Doctor

So I recently went to the optometrist. And there is just something I don't understand.

Why, oh why, is it that the prescription I get is soooo strong that to actually wear glasses at that prescription I would be able to see an ant on a blade of grass a mile away? I really truly do not need to see that well.

For years, since I was in 3rd grade, I've worn glasses or contacts. When I was 17 I was prescribed a -2.5 for both eyes. It was ridiculously strong. I could see the lines on a leaf a mile away. I've always felt it was too strong and as I got older I was able to get a bit more vocal about saying, yeah, this is great n' all but I really don't want this.

Besides, for some reason when I read and have my glasses on, it hurts my eyes. Most people would say, then just take off the glasses. And I certainly can't just take out my contacts to read a few minutes and pop them back in. Well, you try to take off your glasses and pass college courses while taking notes and not being able to see the instructor or the projector screen. Yeah, not so simple. So I needed glasses I could wear that wouldn't cause me to have headaches and eye pain just reading.

I went back to a different doctor who wanted to prescribe me a -2.25 two years ago. I asked for just a little less than that and went home with a -2.0. So this year, I go in to a different doctor with no access to my prior records and he prescribes me a -2.0 and I ask for a little less than that so he gives me a -1.75 (which these glasses are the least painful I've worn in years while reading). I've heard stories that your eyes can get "a little better". Well, I really think this is true.

The doctor I went to this year wasn't happy about giving me a slightly less strong prescription so next year I'm going to experiment again and try yet another doctor who doesn't have my prior records.

I was one of those kids who read a really whole lot. My eyes have not gotten worse since puberty. During younger years the growth hormones can affect the muscles in the eye- I actually read that at a reputable source years ago and can't find it to link to now or I would. But anyway, I don't think my bad eyes are genetic. And I do think my eyes have improved over the past five years.

 I don't think I'll ever be able to not wear glasses unless I go for laser surgery which I'm not planning to ever do, but I do think they've gotten better. I had old glasses laying around and I feel they're so darn strong. Definitely much stronger than I need now and probably slightly stronger than what I needed in the past.

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