Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Indoor Rock Wall Climbing

This is not last weekend, where I was too busy running from bed to bathroom to do much else. 

No, this was about a year ago. I used to do a lot of indoor rock wall climbing with TeenMuddy. We got pretty good at it. Now, we're all out of shape :(. And with BabyMuddy, we're probably not going to get to rock wall climbing again for a bit. It's really not a safe place for him to hang out. Falling people, falling ropes, falling and falling some more.

TeenMuddy and I would do some mild competition (okay, I'd compete and she'd look at me with the side-eye). TeenMuddy is NOT competitive at all. Not even a little. And me, I love to win. Always. 

I really miss rock wall climbing though. BabyMuddy needs to be 3 or 4 I think to be able to go. And we always used the auto belay system. We'd be there for hours. This particular wall is from Adventure Rock. We used to go once a month and as soon as little man is old enough, we're going back. I just hope TeenMuddy (who will then be a college student) will join us :). 

Along with being FUN, I also had amazing arms and shoulders while doing this. It's an awesome workout that you don't even realize you're getting because it's just plain fun. 

This year, I hope to be more tan than the pasty-ness of this photo. And I want more colorful Vibram Toeshoes to climb with when I get back to it :). 

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