Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Laying Carpet? Dare I?

So, I really want new carpet in my master bedroom. It's going to be awesome :). But it wont match the hallway and the other two bedrooms but I DONT CARE!!! So there.

I want a grayish carpet in my bedroom and it would look awesome. It has an attached pad (so carpet crazies, don't get upset, I'm going to buy it attached no matter what you say). I'm not so worried about doing my bedroom or even the transition in my doorway to the hallway.

My concern is the hallway, that carpet my cat and dog destroyed. I'm planning to use the current carpet in my room (which matches the other bedrooms) to replace the damaged carpet and pad in the hallway. I'll get a new pad for that area, NBD. But my stairs are wood and the carpet, well, is carpet. That edge I don't want one of those metal carpet strip thingeys that transition to a different flooring. Right now it almost looks like it's folded under. This is probably the ONLY area of the hallway that looks awesome.

How the hallway carpet got damaged- my kitty hates closed doors. She was clawing to get into a room. She's done this her whole life (she was about 10 at the time of this incident) and hadn't really done any damage. Sometimes I'd have to trim a bit of fuzz that she'd manage to pull off the carpeting. In comes puppy who see's old kitty trying to dig her way under a doorway. Puppy thinks, "oh this is great fun, let's help the kitty with the tiny paws and do some real digging here". Puppy "helps" the kitty. Carpeting gets ripped from the floor.

So, as mad as I was, it was at the same time really cute. He was just trying to help the cat.

But now my hallway looks like crap and I don't want to recarpet the whole upstairs, just my room. And the tiny hallway/landing to go to the bedrooms. It's a very small area.

And I know I spell thingeys with an ey at the end. I think it looks better that way :).

I've been trying to find video's online to do the edge by the steps and I can't find anything that shows exactly how awesome it looks right now. If anyone knows what the heck I'm talking about, maybe you could tell me what search terms would work best to find a video or even link me one ;).

I'm hoping to do this project in a couple weeks, month at the most. Until then, I'm going to watch tons of video's so hopefully I don't screw this up!

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