Thursday, March 13, 2014

Being a Drug Mule

I was just in the process of discussing with one of the doctors here at work jobs with perks.

It stemmed from a conversation of countries where they work fewer years annually than the US. So Germany and France are at the top. There was another one, but I forget.

Anyway, job perks. We work a lot here. Lots of hours annually with not much vacation time. So which kind of job has the most vacation time?

Personally, I think Drug Mules would have quite a bit of vacation time. You get to see exotic locations with pickup of the drugs. Stay for a few days and be on your way. And then of course you get to go somewhere else to drop them off and repeat. Think of all the places you could go! Wouldn't it be exciting? I'm sure lots of the places would be dangerous, but that would just add to the excitement for people who are looking for that.

And for people looking for an exciting job that has tons of travel, why not be a drug mule? The excitement factor of handling shady people and not getting yourself offed has to be high up there for an adrenaline rush. Then of course there is the evading of law enforcement personnel. That would be exciting too. I could just see me doing this now. Going through an airport on a return trip from a pickup. I would really need to bring a small dog with me. And wherever I pick up from better have good sun because I want a tan. I'm pasty white and it sucks.

So there's me with my mini schnauzer in a purple puppy carrier with purple pumps on (me not the dog) and maybe a cute off white dress to highlight the recent tan. Who would pull me aside and be like, "Hey lady, you're a drug mule. Come with us." No one, the cute puppy would throw them off. That and the matching pumps. I'd be great at it.

But I have issues with swallowing pills. So then I think that means I'm out because no way could I swallow a baggie.

Guess I'll stick with what I do now :).

In all seriousness, I know it's a dangerous job and many people don't do it willingly. Too bad, because it would be an interesting career if you didn't have to fear for your life or your family.

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