Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spider in my... EAR???

No, there really isn't a spider in my ear. But it sure feels like it!

It's absolutely awful!!!

No matter how many times I tell myself that there is no spider in my ear, I just feel like there is.

This morning I was having this dream. I was an assassin. Another assassin was trying to hunt me down, think Bourne Identity here. I'm Bourne. I ditch my motorcycle and head through these rock formations and through the woods along a creek. I end up in this long wooden structure, like a covered bridge but there's stuff in it.

Assassin hunting me catches up to me. I get his scalpel away from him (his weapon of choice apparently) and we struggle. He knocks me out and injects something into a vein near my temple. I wake to a third assassin there. She has some weird looking wire thingey and is sucking some weird liquid up into it. I thought it was to kill the other assassin but he seems calm just standing there, apparently decided he wasn't going to kill me after all. Instead of killing him with this weird liquid, she blows it out at me and it lands on my neck.

It's nano's!!!

And they're slithering toward my ear and I wake up to the sensation of SOMETHING SLITHERING INTO MY EAR!!!

So all day I haven't been able to shake the feeling that there is something IN THERE!!!

My dreams overall are very visceral and vivid. Colors and sensations, including touch, is not unusual for me. So I'm sure there was really nothing crawling up my neck and into my ear, besides it would have to be like centipede size based on how large it felt and I'm sure I'd have felt it wiggling in there by now.

But still, totally ick, something is IN THERE! Even though I know there's not...

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