Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Old School Xbox, DDR!!!

Some of you might remember the game Dance Dance Revolution, those of you born before the Wii anyway. I was wandering randomly in my basement and there is my ancient Xbox. I have no other games for it, but Dance Dance Revolution 3 was still in there from who knows how long ago!!!

It was an exciting moment :).

So I enlisted the help of Teen Muddy who, alas, couldn't figure out how to hook up old school Xbox to our Smart TV. Who would think you need anything special? Well, Mrs really old MudMom figured it out. I managed to find this adapter thingey (yes I like to spell thingey with an ey. Deal). AND more importantly I figured out how to use it!!!! And that I needed to put the TV on channel 4. Not 3. It was always channel 2 or 3 when I was a kid.

So then I put on the awesome jean print leggings and the non slip socks (Teen Muddy says they're cute) and got to moving. And OMG!!!! I SUCK!!! I have my old scores and I was getting awesome A's and B's and some double AA's even in the Heavy Mode. I barely made it through light! 

So about those (awesome) grippy socks, you can do this barefoot. It is not recommended to do this wearing socks because you can slip and fall. But my feet sweat on this plastic mat so then my sweaty feet stick to the DDR mat. Then I broke out these amazing socks of which I have multiple pairs, one pair is barbie or something like that and another is this black and red pair. I originally used them for yoga (which I also haven't done for a couple years). 

So tonight when I get home from work at midnight I'll probably hop on that dance mat and attempt to be as awesome as I was 10 years ago. Or, with any luck, even more awesome :). 

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