Sunday, January 5, 2014

First Few Days of Raw

I'm feeling pretty good. I was expecting flu like symptoms by now and I don't have that at all. I had headaches from caffeine withdrawal at first but still feeling pretty good :).

Yesterday, not everything I ate because I didn't write it as I went, but I did have a whole personal watermelon, a few oranges, a huge salad again with some seeds. Apparently they sell raw sunflower seeds at a store near me so I'm going to try to find them next time I'm there. Otherwise for now, I've been pretending seeds are raw ;).

What else? I can't remember but I  know that's not all I ate.

Today I had half a melon and a couple oranges. I have a pineapple set up for dinner and soon I'll be having my salad for lunch. I work second shift so breakfast is noonish, lunch is around 4 and dinner is closer to 7 or 8 and then I usually eat again before bed around 11 or midnight.

I'm pretty excited for tomorrow though. I've a few kiwi's that I'm planning on for breakfast with some bananas. Hopefully the acidity of the pineapple tonight and kiwi's tomorrow wont kill my mouth. I was planning to separate them by at least a day but Grandma Muddy bought me a pineapple and now I have two so figure I'll get one done tonight and the other one in a couple days before it goes bad.

Just in case anyone is wondering what the benefits of a raw fruit diet are...
In no particular order...

1. No food preparation time. Just rinse and eat.
2. No artificial flavors and preservatives. All natural.
3. Very little dishes and certainly no dishes to prepare the fruit unless you like to chop everything up.
4. My body feels clean on the inside.
5. No waiting for dinner to cook.
6. So very simple to do!

What I miss most? The first couple days it was soda. Today, bread is probably topping my list. After January is done and I go to a 6 out of 7 day Paleo lifestyle, I still will be rarely having bread. I also have done intermittent fasting in the past with paleo. I will likely either do that or do a three day fruit feast every couple weeks or so.

I hope everyone is starting off their New Year in good health!

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