Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Deep Freeze!

So, it's been pretty busy at work the past two nights. Surprisingly. It's a deep freeze out there right now.

Monday was hitting -55 with the wind chill in my area. My friend posted a picture of her door frozen... ON THE INSIDE!!! Another facebook friend posted her shower dripping and icicle. It's just insanity! Burst pipes everywhere!

Thankfully no burst pipes for me. But I was driving a borrowed car yesterday. My car decided that -55 was just to cold and was going to take the day off. My mom sent me off in her car. I was on call so I had spent the night at my moms... My car sat there, dead in the water. My step dad tried just about everything to get it going.

What he did not try? He did NOT try putting hot coals under my car to unfreeze it. Someone did that somewhere. I applaud the creative thinking to a degree, but really? That was a disaster waiting to happen. I was thinking more like putting a heated blanket on my car or something.

Eventually he found someone to help push my car into his garage while I was busy working second shift. He got a couple space heaters going and eventually thawed out my car. It started and drove horribly last night. It's doing much better today. Started it halfway through my shift and hope it starts again at the end of my night.

The office I sit in was 56 degrees last night. I had to move to another location just to stay warm at work! I came in to work today and everyone was wrapped in blankets and had their hats or mittens on. Even here in the hospital we're about to get hypothermia!

I hope you are all staying warm and safe. Don't try anything crazy to heat your homes or cars. Fires are not a fun way to warm up the neighborhood!

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