Monday, January 20, 2014

Food, Inc

A really LOOOOONNNNGGGG time ago I watched this movie. This past weekend, I rewatched it. It just makes me angry!

I feel so bad for the soybean farmer whose crops are being contaminated by GMO soybeans grown by nearby farmers and then he gets sued! Well, then make GMO soybeans that don't contaminate other farms, don't blame the guy who didn't do anything wrong! Monstanto patenting a food... and not expecting that food to reproduce by itself... weird.

And I feel horrible for the chickens. Though I know I've watched another movie that I can't remember the name of where they show how "free range" the free range chickens are. A tiny door for them to walk out and it's not even opened until they're to the point that they wouldn't walk out the doorway anyway and the beak clipping because they can't be caged and still be considered free range. But even in Food, Inc, you see how huge these chickens get so fast and they can't barely move. I can't imagine eating obese chicken is good for us.

And the cows who stand in their own poo all day long being fed corn, a product that the cow is not designed to digest. And how the runoff from those farms contaminates vegetable farms, such as our spinach :(.

If you haven't watched it, it is available on Netflix streaming.

I almost wish I lived next to Polyface Farms. I would purchase all my meats from there if that were the case. And soon winter will be over and the farmers markets will be open again near me. Right now, everything is frozen over. There are some free range cattle farms, but nothing like Polyface nearby.

Eat healthy and enjoy your food!

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