Tuesday, February 25, 2014

So I was on a bit of a hiatus.

First my teen was sick, then I took a vacation to clean my house and then baby got sick. For five days I had a 7 month old attached to me. 

It wasn't a good couple weeks. 

And you don't even want to know what I've been eating (though that half a pan of dark chocolate brownies tasted pretty damn awesome),

So, time to get back on track since I barely spend any time ON track. 

Guess what I did??? Guess!!! GUESS ALREADY!!!!

Okay, you'll never guess. I bought a baby carrier. So now I can have a baby attached to me while I do stuff. Sounds exciting right? Well, I tried it out going for a walk with a friend. He's ridiculously heavy! My shoulders are just about killing me. 

So with this carrier I am hoping to do more workouts. With my baby. I want to start walking now that it's warming up outside and it'll be much easier to do without a stroller since we have no sidewalks and the roads are still pretty crappy. 

And I'm wanting to do some body weight exercises and hoping I can incorporate baby into those. I already do baby overhead raises and baby chest presses and push ups over baby (extra bonus, he gets a kiss on his head with each one). So with the carrier I can hopefully do some burpee's, squats, lunges, and maybe even running stairs and stuff with him too. 

As for my eating, I've been terrible. I keep doing the "I'll do better tomorrow" and my weight is up way too high. I really REALLY need to get back into my routine. A couple years ago I had a really set routine daily. Since meeting my very awesome boyfriend I haven't stuck to that routine very well. And now with baby, getting to bed later since I have to get him to bed before I get me to bed, my routine is pretty well shot. 

I'm going to really really focus this week on my after work routine. Getting baby home and fed and to bed and if he's not tired getting my dishes and cat boxes cleaned before getting me to bed. 

AND if I really REALLY want to get serious, I need to lay off the candy crush at night :(. 

Candy crush, I will miss you. 

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