Saturday, January 4, 2014

Little Liver Pill, aka Carter

This is the Carter that was.

We decided to name him Carter, so Grandpa Muddy has nicknamed him Little Liver Pill. His original name that he probably didn't even know was Tyson. He is not a Tyson. He's the sweetest dog ever. You can put your hand down his throat when he's eating and he wont even try to bite, bark, or growl.

He was a furball when we brought him home, weighing in at just 24 lbs at three months old. He puked all over me on our 3 hour drive home! The lady said, "No, I didn't feed him today"....

Yes. Yes she did... And it was all on my lap.

We bell trained this amazing furball within a week of being home. He is a purebred standard poodle. He had almost no accidents other than the whole new place accidents. He still rings that bell. Sometimes to go potty, and sometimes to go chase squirrels. And he still loves to run over the ice on the inground pool in winter no matter how many times I yell at him not too. Somehow he knows when it's frozen over and when it's not.

Carter then loved to always be with people. He hated to sleep outside our room. He loved to bark at everything that walked past the house, and even the neighbors across the street when they were in their own garage!

 And this is Carter now :). He's still a furball. This was just before a trim. The lady at the bank told me he was too fat for a dog biscuit after winter before he got his spring trim. This is early summer and time for his second trim.

Carter is still an amazing dog. He's learned not to go on the furniture and how to sleep in the hallway without crying all night. He still barks at everything that goes past the house but at least allows our neighbors to use their garage freely without barking at them :).
Carter had also been trained to run up and down the steps instead of go for walks on really really cold, wet, or crappy days. I stand at the bottom and say "upstairs". He runs up as fast as his legs will carry him. Then Carter stands up there waiting for the command... I say "come" and he runs back down. Every 2-3 times he gets a tiny training treat. He inhales them. I'm sure he doesn't actually taste them. 

He gets into the garbage can.
He makes HUGE messes. 
He steals food from the counters. 
He cuddles you when you're sad or unhappy. 
He brings joy to our lives and I'm very glad Carter is part of my family. 

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