Friday, January 24, 2014

Last Years Tough Team

I was doing pretty good not missing workouts for training for this years Mudder, and I have to stay in good shape because, well, look at that team! We're all pretty fit. I'm the one in the center of the back row. And my sis (second from the right standing) and her running partner (kneeling on right) are already doing 7 miles plus quite often!

Then my back last week Wednesday got bad. I did my workout that morning but haven't since. Moving hurts :(. Not moving hurts :(. Hoping that this will pass quickly so I can get back on track. And I'm hoping the winter will be short lived. I really need to get outside and start running! Those two are going to kick my butt otherwise!

Last year I had an excuse to not train, being pregnant and all. Did that Mudder 7 weeks after having my lil guy. He laughs when he watches me lifting weights. I get all dramatic about it :). I have my own home gym so I can make all sorts of weird noises to entertain Baby Muddy.

My sis has an extra running stroller and Baby Muddy is sitting fairly well and can sit good in a stroller. I really should just get over to her place and pick it up and get it ready to roll. One day I will wake up and the streets will not be covered in brown icky snow. Yes, snow is brown here... see this post...

I cant wait to run it again this year! And be in better shape than I was last year :).

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