Monday, January 27, 2014

Power Tower

Power Towers typically include a captains chair, dip station, narrow and wide grip pull up bar, and a couple extra’s such as something to hold your feet for sit ups and usually grips for push ups. I am a big fan of these, if you use it! Like anything, no equipment will help if you don’t use it.

Routines on a power tower are mainly for upper body, but it could be broken up by bodyweight lower body exercises.

A sample routine-

Chin ups,
Single or Double Knee to Chest using captians chair- Double straight leg raise with chair, or progress to hanging from pull up bar doing the same.
Push ups,
Prisoner Squats,
Pull ups

Doorway chin up bars are also great if there is no room or a power tower is too costly. Power towers are about 100 dollars. A doorway chin up bar can be bought for about 10 dollars. With a doorway bar the leg lifts would have to be done from a hanging position and dips would not be possible without some adaptation.

Problems- low ceilings. If the ceiling is to low for a power tower to use the chin up bar, then the doorway bar is a better option unless you’re really set on the captains chair and dip station.I have a low ceiling in my basement and to make it work I have it set between the rafters.

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