Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bellin Run

The Bellin Run is a huge event around where I live.

It's also the first of only two runs I have planned for this year so far. It's a relatively inexpensive run. Some runs can cost a huge amount of money. This one is a whole $20. Seriously. For a 10K!!!

I'm going to run it with my sister's running partner. She's way way awesome :). She was part of our Tough Team last year. And she's the leader of our Tough Team this year. I'm not sure if she knows that... but she was the first to sign up for the Mudder so by default I say she's leader.

My daughter, aka Teen Muddy, is also running the Bellin this year. She's going to run with a friend of hers. They don't want to run with this here old lady :'(. Sad sad. Running is an awesome habit to get into. It keeps you young, literally! Seriously, there have been studies that runners age slower than non runners. All the more reason to run.

The run is on June 13th. Teen Muddy is starting her training this week. The weather outside is finally above freezing consistently so I can get Baby Muddy out in his stroller so I know I need to stop with just the weights and add on the running too. I'll still lift the weights and swing the kettlebell, too.

During the weekdays I know I need to get out for at least a mile on the days I start work later. That would be on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I wish I had a second shift friend who lived near me to keep me on track to run. Maybe someday...

Everyone out there, find what you love and go do it!

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