Thursday, April 17, 2014

Looking Ahead

This year so far has been rough on our family. Nothing actually huge, just an overabundance of small things that add up. I need a vacation from it all. And a winning lotto ticket :).

Though right now things aren't always pretty financially, physically, or emotionally around here it's temporary. Eventually I'll have a couple more things paid off and that will release some stress there. Eventually I'll not be in daily physical pain which will also lead to a better emotional state... Pain kind of sucks and it's also caused be to be overly fatigued since it interferes with me sleeping at night at least a few times a week now. And emotionally will improve as things become more stable for the family in general.

It's hard to not feel stressed and overwhelmed some days. But I know I have a great family to go home to every day. I have a baby who needs me, though at this point I'm not really sure he cares who takes care of him as long as it gets done. He certainly recognizes me :). But they're so adaptable at this age. I have an awesome teenager who is surprisingly well behaved. And I have an amazing man in my life, though he has his own struggles, is always there for me.

So, looking forward to how this year will end I'm not sure how much of our situation will change but I know that things always get better when you have good people around you. And family, you're good people :).

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