Thursday, April 10, 2014


I have some routines that I do pretty well with.

One of them is my routine I do when I get home from work. I put a load of laundry into the wash and the one in the dryer goes upstairs to be folded. I get dishes into the dishwasher and put the clean ones away if there are any clean ones in the dishwasher. Once the sink is empty I fill it and put the bottles in it. Then I clean the cat boxes while the bottles soak a couple minutes. I wash my hands. Then I wash the bottles. Then if the washer is done I put it in the dryer.

AND where I fall apart on that routine is actually folding the ones I brought upstairs. But alas, at least our clothes are clean and I don't have a huge Mount Washmore in the bedroom.

But my cat boxes get cleaned pretty much every day. I don't do so well on this when I'm not working (weekends) or when I'm on call because I don't go home that night.

I also have a once a week routine where toilets get washed, floors get scrubbed, and everything gets clean basically. That takes two hours. I put the sheets in the wash and do the downstairs. I put them in the dryer and clean the upstairs then mop everything. That's usually done on the morning after I'm on call since I get up earlier that day or on Mondays after I take Teen Muddy to school. That's pretty well ingrained into my week as well. Rarely gets skipped. And you can hug my toilets most of the time.

My mornings are pretty much the same too. Baby Muddy is my alarm (joys of second shift). He gets changed, then I feed him his food and his bottle. Then I get myself generally presentable. This routine doesn't really fall apart ever. If I don't do something on it then I'd end up going to work without pants on or something so it's pretty much a bare bones have to do kind of routine.

What I'd like to really incorporate in my day is a workout routine. Auto pilot my workout. It should be take care of baby, get myself ready for workout, workout, then get myself presentable. Most of the time I work out and have to strip out of my work clothes, grab a tank top and shorts, do my workout, and redo getting myself presentable. Then I'm like well, I'm already ready for work so why bother... then the workout is missing :(. And the Mudder is not getting any farther away.

This morning routine is going to be my goal next week (since this week I'm still putting furniture away).

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