Tuesday, April 15, 2014


So, the week the weather was supposed to stay nice, it didn't :(.

I might as well just give up and buy a treadmill.

Nightly routine is still going well. My car hates me and I helped a friend today so still no workout this week. I know, I'm making excuses. And I hate that I'm making excuses. Really I could have watched one less episode of House (now on Netflix!!!!) and done a workout instead. OR I could have done my kettlebell workout while watching an episode of House.

Overall, the morning routine is still my nemesis. I have no trouble with the Baby Muddy part of the routine. It's more when it comes to me. I know what my problem is, if there's an excuse to use, I'll find it.

And tomorrow I need to take my car to the shop because my tire is doing something crazy. It feels wobbly but my tie rods and lug nuts and something else were replaced last June. So hopefully if it's one of those it'll still be under warranty.

Also, there is snow on the ground. SNOW! In April... This really really sucks. I want to get outside and run. I got in a nice walk the past weekend with the stroller and our dog. Don't worry the baby, not the dog, was in the stroller.

Teen Muddy trained both Saturday and Sunday for her upcoming run. So proud of her!

Hope everyone gets out there.

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