Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Insanely Sore! Head to Toe!

So, as you can see from yesterdays post, I finished the carpet in my family room. I was sore yesterday, but today... OMG, so much worse! My shoulders are just crying and my hips are pure agony. This must be delayed onset muscle soreness. I was considering a workout today but when I woke up like this, forget it!

I haven't done a workout since midweek last week. We had a really bad stressful situation last week with day care and having to switch. I became overly stressed and then ate terribly and didn't work out at all. Then with this carpet replacing, I'm pretty sure that's a good enough workout for now. Tomorrow I'm skipping the workout because I'm returning all the furniture to the room. That will be another workout all in itself. Maybe I'll do a short walk if there's any time left before I go to work depending on how  long it takes to put everything together again.

This week I've done much better on not eating junk other than some Cheetos today. And I'm much less stressed now that we have a new day care provider for Baby Muddy. She seems very organized and nice :). Little guy did well yesterday with nearly no crying. He saved that all for me yesterday morning... Today he wasn't fussy at all and let me get some things done!

^^^ BabyMuddy staying busy while I do dishes :). 

The rest of my house looks like a disaster area because the furniture from one room somehow expanded and is now in three rooms... Trying to keep the half of the kitchen that isn't covered in extra furniture looking somewhat livable :).

Until this whole carpet laying business is done, I'm just going to hope someone drops a hot tub off at my place! 

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