Thursday, March 3, 2016

In My Own Head

Just some random thoughts tonight, I swim about 3 times a week for about a mile. That ends up being about two and a half hours a week with basically no noise. I don't have the sweet headphones for underwater and really kind of like the silence. Silence is divine some days.

While swimming I've decided I'm not nuts ;). If I can spend that long every week inside my own head without distractions I'm either perfectly sane or too crazy to know it. I'm leaning toward sane since nothing else in my life is particularly crazy.

When I clean at home I should not listen to music either. I ended up dancing with my broom for an hour the other night... and the floor did NOT get swept! Then I realized I had spent an hour dancing with a broom. Maybe that puts me in the crazy category? Or not. Maybe everyone dances with their broom?

And when at the gym, they always have music. And sometimes my song comes on and I want to dance. Which is Not Cool in the gym anyway. I do love to dance :). Maybe my son will love to dance, my daughter doesn't. I should add dancing to my criteria for my future possible boyfriend. Dancing should almost be a dealbreaker. However at the gym, it is frowned upon to dump the weights and start jamming out.

And today my son had his first bath at home!!!! You may remember my previous post about showering my son because we had no bathtub? Well, now we have a bathtub and he loved it! I can't wait for my turn :). With a book, a wine cooler, and candles.

Ok, think that's all my random thoughts for tonight. It's been a crazy busy night at work, took me all night to write this, but it's a good day. I might do some dancing when I get home yet, work on my vertical barre routine (to be pc apparently that's how you're supposed to say pole dance fitness). 

Have a good night world!

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