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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Rolling Like a Ball!

Today I was at the gym doing my ending yoga and Pilates stuff and one of the things I used to do is the move where you roll like a ball. I was having lots of trouble doing this because of the pulling in the scar tissue. Today I could do it! No pulling!

Just the little things :).

And I must find a new weight lifting routine soon. It's been crazy busy at work these past two weeks but I was really hoping to flip through some of my old books (like New Rules of Lifting) to get some routine ideas while at work.

More exciting things, after the gym I took up the rest of the floor in the bathroom. The bathroom is going to be skim coated tomorrow and hopefully I can paint this weekend after the little is in bed. The new floor is ordered and hopefully that will come in soon. Can't wait till it's finished!

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