Thursday, July 31, 2014

Showering a Baby

When you have no bathtub there's a few choices for cleaning your baby. Eventually they outgrow the infant tub and do you either go to a toddler size tub (usually big enough till they get to 12 or 18 months old) or do you try to shower your infant?

We decided Baby Muddy gets the shower :). 

First few times I sat on the floor with Baby Muddy in my lap. Not fun. He's slippery when wet. 

So, I remembered when my teen was an infant we had a bath chair (similar to the one pictured). Only bad part, you can't purchase them anymore from stores because they've been recalled. Some parents somewhere decided to leave their children unattended in these or similar wonderful helpful tools and bad things happen when infants are left unattended with water. So, watch your kids please :). 

Since I couldn't get a bath seat, I ordered one from another country. It came in the mail and we set it up right away. When not in use, we suction it to the wall under the thing for the shampoo's and soaps so it's nicely out of the way for adult showering. 

Then the shower head, we have already purchased one that comes down on the hose for washing our dog. But holding it while cleaning our baby isn't as easy as letting it go with a dog. Mudpuppy doesn't care nearly as much about water on his face as Baby Muddy. So, back to I went. And I found a suction cup holder for the spray nozzle. It holds it well. 

Baby Muddy gets clean and likes to play with the spray and I get to shower him without worrying about him falling or slipping while I try to clean him. Plus, in a house without a bathtub, this will ease his transition to showering later in life (or earlier in our case). Teen Muddy HATED to shower when we transitioned her to it. Baby Muddy already loves his shower time :).  

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