Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Food Day

And Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah.

 Today was a day of lots of food. Little man was feeling better but still he's not ready for solids so still just milk for him. And thankfully I have awesome family members who don't try to feed my infant without permission. Seriously surprises me how many people have family that feeds their babies without asking!

That kid could have allergies, swallowing problems, or just not be ready yet. And besides I think the first time a baby eats is something special that the parents should be able to be the first to feed their own baby :). No, I don't feel strongly about that at all...

 My brother in law made this awesome crock pot turkey with cilantro and onion. It was absolutely delicious. And juicy. And wonderful. And I ate way more than I should have. I ate so much of it that I **almost** couldn't eat a huge plateful of pie. But I managed.

 Only a few more weeks to go and it's training time. I have for the past few years followed a month of the 8/1/1 raw vegan plan for January. I didn't last year because, well, I was sort of pregnant. But I've always felt awesome doing a month of all raw and mostly monomeals. I don't think it's something I could do for a lifetime, but a month, now that I can handle. And I should't say I do it 100%. I use a premade taco sauce on my salads. Which is definitely processed. And occasionally I'll put just a tiny bit of cheese on the salad as well.

I already have a printout for what fruit I plan to have each week so I can minimize my time staring at all the fruit, veggies, and berries at the grocery store. Ah, and another area I "cheat" on this is that I don't get raw nuts and seeds. I just don't want to pay the exorbant prices for raw nuts so I go with the storebought Planters cashews because I'm partial to cashews. I don't eat much in the way of nuts and seeds during January anyway.

 And yes, I do get all my calories this way. It's actually pretty easy to eat enough calories in fruit and salad in a day and toss in some nuts if I'm falling short. I've tracked January before on FitDay and similar sites and the amount of nutrients per calorie that I get in January is pretty awesome too. I move toward a more paleo type of diet for the following few months. But then by late September usually I've fallen back into the SAD foods we all usually eat. It's the Red Lobster cheesey biscuits and hot lava cookies that just do me in and I fall off the wagon.

A really awesome Paleo blog is Marks Daily Apple. I've lurked there for years.

 Other than starting off each post holiday binge with healthy eating; weight lifting and a bit of cardio also starts in January. I'm a big believer that you don't need to spend ten hours a day in a gym to get good results. I might look like someone who just had a baby four months ago right now but one good month of training should fix that. As long as baby boy behaves and starts sleeping better and my bad disks in my back don't cause me too extrememe of pain I should be able to keep a pretty good schedule for January.

My back has limited me quite a bit over the past two years. And as much as I know I should see a surgeon for it since the MRI wasn't pretty, I'm scared to death of someone doing anything to my spine. I try to not make excuses, espeically when it comes to my back pain. It's just some days are so bad I can't sleep at night. Sometimes moving is so damn painful and I can barely walk but not moving is just as painful. I don't even know what to compare it to for those of you who don't have back pain.

 So to recap, baby boy is no longer projectile vomiting and managed to sleep a full 5 hours before waking up last night for the first time. And I feel like my pain is under control at least for now that my January should go smoothly :).

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