Friday, November 29, 2013

Unique Me

Ten things that make me who I am...

 In no particular order...

1)I have to eat foods in a certain way. Anything rectangular is short edges, long edges, then repeat till there's nothing left. Candy bars I eat the chocolate off first. Anything circular I take small bites around and around and around except cookies which are broken into quarters and the center eaten first then the edges.

 2) I can't eat pork chops. Really, I can't I gag the second it touches my tongue. But I can eat bacon and pepperoni. Sausage is a bit iffy.

 3) I am friendly to everyone but very difficult to get to know because underneath my happy exterior I'm really shy.

 4) I like capitalism. Yes, I really do. I'd rather live here than in Russia or any other socialist/communist country.

 5) Even though I'm generally a capitalist I think there are some services we should all have to equally pay for like the police and fire department.

 6) Occasionally I will have a snickers and a soda for lunch. By occasionally I mean a couple times a week. 

7) I really really hate chocolate ice cream. It's so gross.

 8) I think kids should be allowed some independence and have some basic household responsibilities. I think 8 is not to young to start doing their own laundry.

 9) I need very little personal time but would be just as fine spending a week alone as I would spending a week with a big group.

 10) I'm one of the few people who truly love my job and what I do. I can't imagine being this happy doing anything else.

Unless I won the lottery and could just watch TV, read, and eat pizza for a living, that might be the only thing happier than what I do.

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