Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Yep, here I am.

Hi random internet stranger. Want to join me on my randomness? Yeah, I thought so :). This will mostly be about my training (or lack thereof) with some random parenting, scared of pudding, and maybe book review posts.

A group of us wonderful people who are not insane do a 10-13 mile mud run with obstacles. Maybe you've heard of it? The Tough Mudder? It's great fun.

We say every year, we're going to train for this and do it right and we'll all be amazing!!!!

Then all of a sudden the Tough Mudder is... NEXT WEEKEND!!!!

And we're all like, OMG!!! I thought we had more time!!!!! OH NO!!!

So then we drive our cars or steal someones van and all pile in and do this thing. We manage really well the first few miles. Obstacles are fairly close together and we run from one to the next. We get a nice rest break at each obstacle.  And we ARE amazing. We crawl through mud. We get zapped with electricity. We dive into icy baths. We jump with enthusiasm after each obstacle!!!

Then something happens. We run part of the way to the next obstacle. And we only do high fives after. We do the monkey bars and fall in the water because our muddy palms just can't grip the bars (it has nothing at all to do with our lack of training or poor grip strength)- but actually I did make it except for last year.

Finally we get to the last few obstacles and some of us drag our worthless butts over to them, give them a good look, then walk around them. Hey, at least we stop and consider doing them. Or maybe the stopping and considering is just another way to work in resting. Wouldn't you like to know :).

However, I have an excuse for last year. I had just had a baby boy 7 weeks before the run. I'm  sure my doctor would not have recommended me doing an 11 mile obstacle run had he known about it. So really, I couldn't train for it. And I still managed to run about half of it. So there :p.

If you've done the Tough Mudder you know that nothing is going to stop you if you've signed up for the darn thing. I could have been delivering that baby during the run and I STILL would have shown up.

Dedication... or insanity. Is there really any difference anyway?

Okay, so to the point after all that mess is that this year I'm not pregnant so I really can train for this thing. Training starts in January so I'm going to live up the next few weeks to the fullest and be as gluttony as possible. Plus Baby Boy does not sleep more than 4 hours at a time yet even though he's four months old. So exhaustion levels are pretty high right now. This Baby Boy better sleep at least 5 hours through by the time January rolls around because we're serious this year about the whole training thing. Really, we are.

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