Thursday, August 7, 2014

East River Trail

I just did a short walk before work on one of my favorite trails. More pictures in the linked post. 
There is a part of this trail that goes more through the city but looks like it goes back to some nice scenery. This is one area, where the trail goes under Allouez Ave between the more industrial and residential area versus the scenic area. 

From this point near Allouez Ave going south, the trail passes numerous parks, my favorite so far being Green Isle. South of Green Isle is a little narrower and not as well kept up, better for biking than for jogging with strollers. North of Green Isle is also better for walking since part of the pathway is wooden. I have not explored more than a couple blocks north of Allouez Ave (pic above) but the path from what I did see appears to be wide enough and kept up well for jogging with strollers. I'll be exploring north of Allouez Ave on my next long run this coming Sunday and will post more photo's of this amazing trail!

Starting from Baird St, just south of Main St, the trail goes south about 9 miles. There are many little feeder trails leading to it from parks and nearby roads for lots of parking and easy access to the trail. On the map, there appears to be a short break in the trail from Elkay to Westminster but these look to be well traveled areas to use sidewalks to connect back up to the trail. 

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