Friday, August 15, 2014

A Little Piece of Randomness

 A random survey is in order.
What would you do if:
Stranded in a forest alone:  They say STAY WHERE YOU ARE!!! And I'd wait for riscue (if you're a Stephen King reader, then you know why I spelled it that way).
Sensed someone stalking you: I’d stalk them instead. Stalk the stalker ;).
You suddenly developed superhuman strength: Go on with life
You saw a dead human: I’d call the police. 
Someone anonymously sent a love note: if it’s anon, I’d delete it and move on. No time in my life for games like that.
You became blind: I’d have to change careers. I’d not be able to do my job blind.
Your car breaks down beside a graveyard: Depends, if in a rush, call the tow truck and get my car fixed. Otherwise, wander the graveyard a while. Kid and I used to do this when we lived closer to one. Very quiet place to go and relax and the old graves don’t get many visitors so we’d visit the older graves where their families are probably long gone as well.
Your bestfriend calls you at 4am: Answer the phone! Obviously. I'd be up for chatting at 4 am but most my friends would only call in an emergency at that hour. It's not infrequent for my family to call me between 11 pm and 1 am so a little later would be fine with me too. 
You could bring anyone back from the dead: Tempting as it’d be, I’d leave people where they lie.
Someone kept staring at you: Stare back and start up a conversation
Someone ate your lunch: if they needed my lunch that badly, they can have it. I’d eat later.
You got 100 free spray cans: Since I’m not sure what the spray cans are- hair spray or paint, I’d be hoping they’d be filled with paint or something fun. Overall I don’t much like spray cans as they’re bad for the environment.
A horse came chasing after you: Since I can’t outrun the horse, I’d run to something I could climb. Far as I know, horses can’t climb trees or a trellis.
I can't remember where I got these random questions from, so if you're the originator of them, feel free to let me know and I'll give you credit :). 

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