Tuesday, July 29, 2014

August Goals

There are 5 weekends in August.

For my Fitness it is my goal to do a 10 mile run each of those weekends. The first weekend I also have BabyMuddy's 1st birthday party but Sunday, I'm out there :). Hopefully my back will co-operate with that plan!

As well as the 10 mile runs it's my goal to walk and take pictures at 3 new trails in the area. Sunset Park in Kimberly, The Upper Woods of 1000 Islands in Kaukauna, and a yet to be determined location for the third.

Next goal, these wimpy arms need some work... before pic...

So this month my goal is to move my pull-up bar to the mudroom/laundry room and do a pull up every time I walk past without a baby in my arms. Which is actually ridiculously often. As well as doing the "Amazing Arms" routine. It's 30 pushups (I use a counter at work) followed by 30 tricep dips, then 20 of each, then 10 of each.

Nutrition goal is 811 raw vegan M-F for just this month for the full weeks (this Friday doesn't count and the next four weeks are full weeks).

My house goal, I'd like to get the last part of the carpet done this month. I keep putting it off. It would take a whole day basically and I'm burned out from doing 2 bedrooms and the family room. Just need to get this hallway done!

As for family, the most important part of my life, is to spend time driving with my teen and spending a night out with Mr. Muddy.

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