Friday, February 26, 2016

Weekend Plans?

The weekend is almost here! I work till 11, so getting there. Tomorrow I'm bringing my little guy to story time at the library. Dr. Seuss on the menu for the little people :).

Then off to clean up the garage and the debris left behind from my most recent project before the dumpster is picked up. Hoping I can do this all myself still being post recovery but I'll just take more trips and carry less weight. 

Saturday night Grandpa is heading over and I'm making up some bacon cheeseburgers for all of us. And then inspect the work that's been done of course!

Sunday I'd really like to get away from the house for a bit, get someone off my mind for awhile. Waking up thinking of someone who isn't thinking of you kind of sucks in the mornings. So if it's nice I'd like to head to the nature center and maybe feed the geese first thing after breakfast. Then they also have an indoor area if it's too cold.

Family meeting with my daughter and her dad in the evening. It's very nice to be able to co-parent so well with my daughter's dad. Never once a fight in the 17 years of her life. We don't agree on everything by any means, but sometimes things are how they are at one house and different at another. Remaining consistent was something we both always tried to do to the best of our abilities and she's turned out to be a pretty amazing girl. 

Not any working out planned for the weekend, tomorrow would be a weight lifting day but the gym daycare area is only open for 4 hours and story time is right in the middle of that. Plus with all the clean up of debris, I should get enough "lifting" in for the weekend anyway!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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